Understanding the legality of hiring escorts

It is widely known that prostitution is illegal. Prostitution in many jurisdictions is defined in different ways. But in general, prostitution is a suggestive act between people either for money or any other consideration. If you have been hiring high class escorts for some time now, you might also be wondering whether such a suggestive act is illegal. Basically, hiring an escort is not illegal. the process is only illegal if you hire the escort and exchange money for sex. When you hire an escort, you are paying the profession for time and not sex. This is why people do not discuss sex when hiring an escort. There are many cases in court that explain why hiring an escort for her time is not illegal. In a New York court, a man was arrested and charged with prostitution because he was running a sex club.

According to the prosecutor, the man charged clients to come in his club. His club was so unique such that there would be many people in the club trading partners and having sex. The New York state claimed that the man was involved in prostitution since he was accepting money from anybody who entered through the door. At this point, it is easy to conclude that the man is guilty of prostitution since money exchanged for sex. But this was not the true according to the judge. This is because the judge said the man was innocent of the charges since the money collected at the gate was not tied to or connected to sex. In other words, once people entered the club nothing was assured. The same case is true for luxury escorts hired online.

When you hire a porn escort online, you are basically paying the escort for her time. This is to allow you spend time with the girl and in that process, nothing is assured. Therefore, any legitimate female escort advertisement will not talk about sex or anything related to sex. Similarly, if you see any online marketing material suggesting that you only have to pay $100 to get the best sex of your lifetime, the ad is not legit, and chances are you are being set up by the person that put up the ad. The whole process can even be riskier and difficult if you meet an escort at a local casino or a message parlor. If you exchange money for sex, you will be arrested for prostitution.


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