A night with the bet high class courtesan London offers

A night with the bet high class courtesan London offers


Going out with a high class courtesan London based or otherwise, is a privilege that many people can’t recognise. It is something that not many of us can do, and something that even more of us disregard. Some people only see the price tag when they look at a courtesan’s profile. They think that she should solve cold fusion and time travel for that amount of money. But, as a man who has revelled in the company of the best high class courtesan London has to offer, I can safely say that they’re well worth it!

The girl I was fortunate enough to meet is called Evelyn. She says she’s Brazilian and has lived in London for most of her life. I wouldn’t say she’s lying, because she even has a London accent, but she looks extremely Brazilian, especially in the rear compartment. But that’s not everything there is to say about her. She has an absolutely perfect figure and the face of an angel. If you look at her, you could swear that she’s the most innocent 21 year old in the world. But the things this young woman can do… you can’t even begin to imagine.

I spent just one night with her and she took me to peaks of pleasure that I never thought possible. First of all, we enjoyed a nice meal in Mayfair, really close to her apartment. She made me laugh and told me interesting things throughout dinner. I’ll be completely honest with you and tell you that this girl gave me the best date I’ve ever been on. She was sweet, she was funny, she was charming, but when we started talking about more intimate things, she showed me that she knew what she was talking about and that there were things she could do to me that I never even thought about.

After dinner, we went back to her place, she tied me to her 4 poster and gave me more pleasure than I had ever had. I was almost sad to finish, because it meant I couldn’t enjoy her anymore for like 10 minutes.

It was a wonderful night that convinced me that the rates a high class courtesan London based or otherwise, charges are well worth it. Have you ever been with a true high class courtesan London or from any other place? How did you find her services?

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